Currently offering…

Private Lessons and Private Group Lessons

Private lessons and private group lessons are available if you prefer one-on-one instruction or have a group of ladies that would like to set up an on-going private class (of a duration of your choice). This is a great way to fine-tune and customize your learning experience and/or enhance material you’ve already learned in regular classes (taken with us or elsewhere). 

Private lessons begin at $100 an hour.
The more you book, the more you save! Please contact us to schedule your private lessons, or to inquire about bulk scheduling prices.

Private group lesson pricing depends upon the size of your group, how often you’d like to meet, and where. Please contact us with your specifications and we can start a conversation to set up the private group lessons you desire.

Special Occasion Classes

Have a special event coming up?  We are available for private group classes for your birthday party, bachelorette party, sorority shindig, or other special girl's-night-out event --- any occasion where you think a belly dance class will add to the fun and enjoyment of your unique gathering.  Our special occasion classes include one hour of upbeat, beginner-style belly dance instruction, set to both traditional and non-traditional middle eastern-inspired dance music that will be sure to get you moving!  Base pricing for our special occasion classes is as follows:

  • $150 for 1 - 10 people

  • $200 for 11 - 20 people

  • $300 for 21 - 30 people

  • $400 for 31 - 40 people

  • $500 for 41 - 50 people

  • More than 50? - contact us for a quote

The prices above are if we come to you - meaning, you have already secured a facility for your event, and we have approved of the space as adequate for dance instruction.  If you would like to host your private group class at the Sojourn dance studio, there is an additional charge of $75 to the above prices.  Should you like to add an hour or two for socializing and/or to serve refreshments and/or alcohol at your event at the Sojourn dance studio, please contact us for additional pricing options.  We are happy to customize your event!

We are also available to teach group classes for multicultural events, or as part of an educational dance curriculum.  Let us know how we can suit your needs for a colorful dance experience.

What to Expect When You Attend a Class at Sojourn:

  • All classes begin with a 5- to 10-minute yoga-inspired warmup and strength-building exercise (unless otherwise decided by you or your group). Yoga mats are available at the studio for students who wish to use them.

  • It is recommended students wear comfortable clothing for movement. Yoga pants and a closely-fitted top or crop top is suggested so that you can easily see your movement. Baring your midriff is at your comfort level and is not required.

  • Hip scarves, belly dance-specific tops and adornments are not required. However, you are more than welcome to wear them!

  • We typically dance barefoot. If you prefer footwear, however, lyrical sandals (found online or at most local dance shops) are the shoe of choice.

  • Prior to class, drink plenty of water and have a light snack to stay energized. You are encouraged to bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated.

  • The ONE-MINUTE rule: To ensure the safety of our students and a prompt class start without interruptions, the studio doors will be locked one minute before class. We suggest arriving 10 to 15 minutes early to sign in and get settled for your session.

  • We aim to foster an accepting, encouraging and happy belly dance practice in a non-competitive and supportive environment. Please check judgment – for yourself, and for others – at the door. We are here to learn and have fun!

Sample Class Formats…

Belly Dance Foundations

The Foundations class focuses on the fundamental movements of belly dance.  In this course, students will work on basic posture and technique through the study of isolations – learning to move various muscle groups (like the hips, core, chest, back, shoulders and arms) independently of each other, creating that signature belly dance movement.  Precision and correctness will be emphasized so that students receive the most benefit and growth from their practice, increasing muscle flexibility and stamina as they master their moves.  Strength building and balance will also be a focus.  The set of isolations taught in this class can be applied to any number of belly dance styles.  This is a fun and challenging class style for students of all levels, but is particularly well-suited and designed for beginners.

Intermediate Belly Dance Vocabulary

At each of our Intermediate Belly Dance Vocabulary classes, we will teach and drill one to three different belly dance combinations.  A belly dance combination, or “combo,” is a string of isolations layered together with counts to create a universally-known dance movement that can be used in group improvisational dancing (adapted from American Tribal Style belly dance), or as solo inspiration.  Drill sets relating to the combinations will be rehearsed and put together piece-by-piece to assist the student in learning and remembering the movement, further sharpening their skill.  In addition to combos, we will also explore other intermediate belly dance challenges like perfecting the 3/4 shimmy, graceful level changes, holding posture and arm movements with strength, practicing fluidity, and refining and cleaning basic technique.  It is recommended students have a solid understanding of technique and basic, foundation-level movement. This style of class is best suited for intermediate and advanced level students.


Want to learn a special choreography? Custom choreography is available for you or your group, and can be written to suit your level of dance and music preference. The possibilities here are endless! Chat with us to discover how we can help you build a unique belly dance piece all your own.

Yoga for Belly Dance

The practice of yoga is without a doubt a fantastic way to enhance your belly dance routine. It improves posture, balance, stamina and dance creativity. Vinyasa, or “flow of movement,” will be used as a tool to develop strength, fluidity and grace. Specific emphasis will be given to building and lengthening core muscles, strengthening shoulders and back, the glutes and thighs, arms and feet - ALL of it! For in belly dance, we move with ALL of the body, not just our bellies. Come hit your mat (or one of ours) for a flow-tastic yoga experience!