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Do I have to have previous dance experience?  No prior dance experience is required.  Belly dance is derived from an ancient form of movement that is designed specifically to accentuate and celebrate a woman’s physique in its natural expression of feminine grace.  If you’ve got the hips and the rhythm, you can learn to belly dance!  Your base of flexibility, strength and artistic awareness will be cultivated in class.  All body types and fitness levels are welcome.   

What should I wear to class?  Yoga pants and a closely-fitted tank or t-shirt, or crop top, is recommended for ease of movement and comfort.  We typically dance barefoot, but if you prefer footwear, we suggest lyrical sandals as they cover the ball of your foot but still provide traction by allowing your toes to be exposed.  Belly dance hip scarves are a welcome and fun addition as well, but are not required.

Do I have to show my midriff?  Though it is encouraged so you may see the movement of your mid-section, baring your midriff is not required.  Many students begin classes with full-coverage shirts and later transition to showing their midriff as confidence grows.  We want all our students to feel comfortable in class so wear your clothing in whatever manner feels right to you.

Is there an age limit for classes?  We welcome any students aged 16 and older. 

But what if I'm "too old" for belly dance?  Nonsense!  Many women often think they are "too old" for belly dance.  This is not the case.  You are never too old to dance!  In fact, the low impact nature of belly dance is perfect for the joints as we age, and the movement and stretches provided help us feel young and invigorated.

What time should I arrive at the studio for class?  Arrive to class ten to fifteen minutes early.  This allows time for you to check in and prepare for your practice.  For the safety of our students and to ensure a prompt class start without interruptions, our studio doors will be locked one minute before class.

What should I bring to class?  If you have sensitive knees or back, we suggest you bring a yoga mat for our 10- to 15-minute warmup at the beginning of class.  A bottle of water is also recommended.

Will I be able to perform, or am I expected to perform?  While our classes, over time and with dedicated attendance, can prepare you for the stage, we are not a performance grooming school.  It is not our intention to put students on the stage in a professional setting unless they are ready and have the desire.  Our primary goal is to provide instruction, guided dance exercise, and cultural awareness and aptitude within the genre of belly dance.  We offer a welcoming, supportive and non-competitive community that focuses on education, personal growth and self-awareness through dance.  We will, however, offer our students the opportunity to showcase their skills at student recitals, or "haflas" as they are called in the belly dance world, from time-to-time.  Choreography workshops will be offered throughout the year for any students interested in expanding their dance through performance at a hafla.   Students ready for regular, professional stage performance and productions may wish to inquire with a troupe of their liking.

How much are classes?  View our "purchase" page for class fees and registration.

Have another question?  Please contact us and we'll be happy to help.